Chronology of events associated with Molesey Scalextric Club



1st Hill Climb - Molesey Scout hut

This event was special to several for the entrants from another Scalextric club as it was also there first opportunity to see Concord flying - let me explain.

Concord started its commercial flights to New York on 22 November 1977 and when it flew other the venue the racers rushed out to watch it fly over.


The first Hill Climb Circuit. (1980)

(1st Molesey Scout hut)


Note only one circuit was set up with a single car racing at a time against the clock


Diary of Events

June 14 - MSC take club circuit to Currie Motors Showroom in Molesey to hold the Currie Motors challenge. The cars were sponsored and painted in the liveries of local shops and businesses.

Car Sponsors, Currie Motors (A and B cars), Hankards Toy shop (Walton), L. Harvey Engineering (Woking), Thermodiffusion (Weybridge) and RAE Models (Weybridge) <<Click for photographs>>



Currie Motors Challenge

Individual prize winners

back row from left to right

Ted Savage (2nd), Ian Jensen (1st),

Sally Phillips (Ladies prize) and Martin O’Reilly (3rd). 

Front Junior class winner Adrian George.


September - South of England Saloon Car Championship at Hadlow. Molesey results: 2nd Martin O’Reilly, 8th John Walters and 9th Ted Franklin

November 30 - F1 open at North Cheam Scalextric Club Winner Martin O’Reilly (Molesey)




Molesey Scalextric Club


March 15 - MSC 2nd Hill Climb held at Walchry Motors, Hersham Road, Hersham.

The track was 48m long with competitors given 30 seconds to travel as far around the circuit as possible. The winner of the F1 class was Mark Phillips from MSC



1981 Partners in crime


Its a Long way up and down

Note two mirror image tracks being used.


September 14 - MSC Surrey  Cup charity match held at the Hersham Comrades Club. The event raised £30 for the Michael McGough Research fund for liver disease in children.


The Winning Team from Surrey Cup meeting

from Left: Ted Savage holding Joanna, Roy and Peter. In the Foreground Pam from the Walton and Weybridge Informer presenting Norman with the trophy for the team.


Each Team running a sponsored car. 1st Walchry motors, 2nd Hankards Toys, 3rd Thermodiffusion, 4th L.J.Harvey engineering and 6th RAE Models

October 18 - First South of England Rally Cross at Walchry motors showroom. the overall trophy being donated by Walchry Motors.

<< Click for race report>>


Unknown date - First West Wickham GP. Molesey results 1st martin O’Reilly, 2nd Martin Phillips and 3rd Pauline Collins



May 16 - F1 Championship Wood Green, North London


March 21 - MSC 3rd Open Hill Climb held at Currie Motors, Molesey (Attended by Capital Radios Mick Brown who broadcast from the event. A Raffle during the event raised £40 for the Michael McGough Research fund for liver disease in children


July 24 - Local heat for the Eagle Comic and Scalextric national championships, held at the Watermans Arms, Queens Road, Hersham.


Winner MSC member Martin Steadman from Walton on Thames (Pictured right).



March 27 - MSC hold 4th Hill Climb at Ellesmere Hospital social club.



March 18 - MSC hold 5th Hill Climb at the Ellesmere Hospital social club. Then circuit was set up on boards 12ft wide and 30 long, rising by 6ft at one end. the individual lap length was 180 ft

September 23 - First International F1 meeting, Sint Niklass Belgium



March 31 - MSC host European GP England v Belgium (Sint Niklaas), Esher Rugby Club

October 23 - Belgium v  England second round European GP



March 29 - England v Belgium European GP

October 26 - MSC Rally Cross, Molesey Scalextric Club

September 21 - International F1 Sint Niklass Belgium



European GP, held over three rounds

March 1- Wood Green Scalextric Club

May 3 - Versailles France

September 20 - St Niklass, Belgium

October 25 - Rally Cross, Molesey Scalextric Club



3 April - International – Wood Green Scalextric Club

23 October - Rally Cross, Molesey Scalextric Club



February 12 - MSC Open Meeting (details required if anyone has any)

February - Land and premises obtained for new clubhouse Rays Road, Molesey.

March 12 - First meeting held at Elmbridge Leisure Centre

June 4 - MSC Host National Sports car race meeting, track loaned from Burnt Oak Scalextric Club



Jan 15 - AGM at new club house Ray Road

March 29 - New Clubhouse opens

May 20 - International open – Paris

July 9 - Official opening new clubhouse Ray Road

October 21 - MSC host Endurance Race.

Nov 24 & 25 - 24 Hour Race Brussels



March 17 - Team Race Maidenhead verses Molesey Scalextric Club

May 27 - European Championship , Paris

Oct 6 - European Championship, Molesey Scalextric Club (£700 was raised by this event for the “Children for Children” charity) This event was hosted by MSC after the round in Belgium was cancelled.

Oct 25 - Junior open event, New Addington and Burnt Oak, Scalextric club


Nov 30 to Dec 1- MSC Host 24 Hour Endurance race with the cars being supplied by Scalextric. There was good local radio and newspaper coverage and £900 was raised for the “Children for Children's” charity. (see picture below)

UK Team

Rear Row :- Roger Gillham, Brian George, Roy Cherry, Gary Long, Colin Davis

Front Row :- Ted Savage, Daniel Savage, Ted Franklin and Mike Stone


August 8 -     MSC hold the second round of the International race meeting between a team from Trinidad and a team from England. Venue Ellesmere Hospital Social Club.

October 23 -  Eagle Comic and Scalextric national championships Final London. MSC member Martin Steadman progressed through to the preliminary races on the day to reach the semi finals but narrowly missed out on reaching the final.


October 17 - 2nd Rally Cross held at Walchry Motors, Walton on Thames (Venue to be confirmed)

<<Click here for race report>>


April 10 – Circuit provided and run for the RNID charity ball at the Hurlington club. (£150 raised)

June 7 – team trophy competition- Invitation F1 event, Molesey Scalextric Club (won by Molesey Team)

Oct – 6 Hour endurance race, Molesey Scalextric Club (Raising money for “Neighbourcare charity for disabled people”)



European F1 series

Overall series winner Julian Edwards, 3rd Paul O’Hara, 4th Jamie Pleasance and 10th Don Stanley

- England

- France

- Belgium



 - MSC Host 24 Hour Endurance race.

British GP Winner Jamie Pleasance (Molesey Scalextric Club) 96 entrants in total

Other Molesey Results 2nd Paul O’Hara, 4th Julian Edwards, 10th Don Stanley



London GT Championship

April 22 - Round 1- West London Slot Racing Club

Molesey Result :- 2nd Trevor Allen, 12th Brian George

17 June - Round 2 - Eastcote Scalex Club

Molesey Result :- 8th Simon Wilkins, 10th Trevor Allen, 14th Brian George

19th August 2001 -Round 3 Molesey Scalextric Club


January 30 — MSC host TVR members club race meeting

February 3 — West London 12 Hour race - Molesey Team finish 3rd 3961 laps compared with winning car 4041 laps <<Click for race report>>

15 March —  West London Scalextric club hold BRITISH GRAND Prix at Hastings. Molesey results 7th Jamie Pleasance (winner of “B” final) 10th Simon Wilkins 14th Trevor Allen

In total 10 Molesey members competed.

June 16 —  West London Scalextric club hold BRITISH GRAND Prix at Molesey. Molesey results 1st Simon Wilkins 2nd Trevor Allen 3rd James Carroll, 4th Derek Morell, 14th Brian George

2002 European GT Championship·
British Grand Prix (Round 1) - March - Hastings
British Grand Prix (Round 2) - June - Molesey

Belgian Grand Prix (Round 3) - September - Brussels

British Grand Prix (Round 4) - October - TBC March 21 - MSC Hold a Truck Racing Open, There were several qiualifying heats involving trucks with and without trailers. At the end of  a very exciting final the overall winner was Dave Martin (MSC) .


(Trucks, Trailers and Loads Pictured Right)

<<Click here for race report>>


October 12/13 Eastcote 24 hour race

<<Click here for race report>>


2002 MSC Callaway cup (Internal race event)

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