The Molesey “Hill Climb” event is believed to be unique.

Two tracks were arranged on boards inclined at an angle of approximately 25 degrees. One track was a mirror image of the other.

Scalextric hill climb turn around were used  to allow each car to run on both lanes of one track. This can be seen in the bottom right picture.


The heats were run to a time limit. At the end of the time the  distance covered was recorded and the longest distance covered gave the eventual winner.


The  two circuits were as a mirror image to allow two competitors to compete simultaneously but with their times still being compared against all other competitors. This greatly enhanced the feeling of competition.


Will you see a Hill Climb again ?

Who knows!

 Hill Climb

1982 Hill Climb

Set-up and ready to go

Looking up the Hill

Notice Hill Climb turn around track section

Molesey Scalextric Club

First Hill Climb Open (1980)


1st Molesey Scout hut

The Hill Climb included many difficult track sections to mimic full size hill climb racing. cars run on both lanes of the track, they would run up one lane and after running around the hill climb turn around they would come back on the other lane of the track. Often the trip down was the hardest due to effect of our old friend Gravity, it is quite amazing how much effect this can have on such a relatively shallow slope. the original hill climb circuit had only one track but the subsequent events used two tracks which greatly enhanced the feeling of racing.

the tracks were unique for the event and being built in position the day before the event precluded any track advantage, so often influential in normal open competitions held on club circuits.

Race Control and start

Walchry Motors