From Newletter 24 November 1982

Report by Gary Long (thats me folks)




The start of the 2nd Annual Rally Cross was delayed, slightly to allow the late risers to arrive 0n arrival each driver had to draw his/her race number therefore any complaints about the draw could only be directed at each individual driver.


The event itself went very smoothly and even included a short lunch break. The marshalling was of a good standard throughout the day which was very pleasing (due no doubt to Mike Stone’s forceful manner) and the only disappointing aspect was that we do not yet have our lap counters as expected but the committee hopes to resolve this problem shortly. The drivers lap counting for the race preceding theirs worked well again, and there was only one dispute during the day which resulted in one race being re-run for 2nd, 3rd and. 4th place.



T. Franklin and C. Collins both won their classes with 35 points out of a possible 36 perhaps they can do better next time? 2nd and 3rd place in Group D was decided by a run-oft between

R. Cherry and B. George who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively with both drivers using TR7's (perhaps we have been underestimating the potential of the TR7). With the top six from each class going through to the quarter finals, there was still some hard racing to go before the final. With the drivers again drawing new race numbers everyone was given a fair chance of getting to the final. With the final itself being run aver 15 laps and the length of the circuit, it almost became an endurance race, in fact, it proved to much for one BMW which gave up the ghost on lap 14, and except for one Porsche the final would have consisted of entirely all BMW's The eventual winner was

M. Yarnell after only finishing fifth in his class.

Molesey Scalextric Club

The class results were as follows:—







R Gillham

C. Collins

T. Frankin

T. Savage


M. Phillips

P. Collins

C. Davis

ft. Cherry


M. O’Reilly

J. Collins (Jnr)

J. Higgens

B. George

Final Result


M. Yarnell

4th C. Collins


M. Phillips

5th G. Long


M. O’Reilly

6th R. Gillham (Rtd lap 14)