The Molesey Scalextric Club is one of the oldest Scalextric clubs in the country being over 23 years old. It is best known amongst racers for the unusual events held, these being the hill climb and rally cross events, which are held on specially prepared or heavily modified circuits.


Over the years the club has raised a fair amount of money for local charities and has hosted numerous special events.

One such event was manning a circuit at Donnington Park on behalf of Scalextric for the 25th anniversary of the mini.


During the early days the club did its best to promote Scalextric racing as a hobby and the club circuit was often taken to various events both far and near. It was at one of these events in 1980 at the Royal Naval Association club in Hanworth that I first encountered the club and was most impressed with what I saw and I joined the club in 1981, never one to rush in!

I became more and more involved with the club and eventually joined the committee where I served for several years which was a very enjoyable experience.


I have found the people attending Molesey to be very friendly and there is always nice atmosphere at the club. Most members who are no longer racing tend to keep contact albeit on an occasional basis, its always nice to see an old face.


The success of the club is on no small part due to the chairman Brian George who has worked tirelessly throughout the clubs history to keep it going. Although assisted by a committee, Brian is very much the driving force behind the club. Brian would be the first to admit that he is not among the fastest of racers but his enthusiasm keeps him and the club going. Over the years there have been some tireless workers and committee members who have helped out and continue to do so.

Brian receiving a trophy for first place at Quorn Open for small wheel saloons.

As Brian will tell you this does not happen often and he won this race with a Scalextric Mini. and me standing beside him telling what time he needed at the end to beat the other competitors

General History

Molesey Scalextric Club

Yes that right

Caravan Racing


We’ll try anything once, except this became a regular event. Good fun and a different experience

Super stox racing.


Now that was a special one, when it was first suggested that we race them everyone tried to run them like normal cars. Very quickly everyone including the most serious racers started to take it as fun racing. All the old worn out tyres with no grip were dug out from the bottom of the race box and fitted. It was great fun spinning the cars on the corners and running in different directions, I can’t remember how we managed to finish race as you could easily avoid crossing the start Finnish line by going back the other way.

Truck Racing


A big favourite of a few people and with the Fly trucks this is now in the race calendar for 2003,  refer also to the Truck Racing Open held on 14 July 2002.

As I said the club has always run unusual events along with the more normal classes of racing, here are some of  these events held on club nights.

In 1979 the club moved from the Scout hut to the Cannon Public House in High Street, West



The Watermans Arms, Queens road, Hersham was the venue when I joined the club in 1981. This venue was famous for the problems associated with setting up the circuit itself.

The club circuit was kept in the garage at ground level and the club met in the first floor function room. This required the boards, which were 6ft x 4ft sections of chipboard with the track fixed onto to it, to be carried up a small flight of stairs with a landing half way up. This was no mean task and carrying the track up and setting up the boards was on the whole carried out by Brian leaving the racers free to start racing as soon as they arrived. The scope of this task was borne out  by the club members carrying the boards down at the end of the evening. This was done with two people per board and I can vouch for what hard work it was.


The next move was to the social club in the Ellesmere Hospice where it had to temporarily take on the name of the Ellesmere Scalextric Club.




The Club was formed in 1978 and although as a club it has grown steadily over time it has had numerous homes.


The club was officially formed in September 1978 with the founder members being were Brian George, Ted Franklin and Geoff Hopkins

The first home of the club was the scout hut of the 1st Molesey Scout group and it is from here that the club took its name.


Prior to the club being formed the racing was held at Brian house and the club was born out of them being turfed out of Brian's house to turn the living room back to domestic use.


For the first three months the circuit was set up on the floor of the scout hut with the members bringing boxes of track that were slotted together for the evenings racing. The club heard about the Wood Green Scalextric club and went along to see how that was run and seeing that they had fixed the track to wooden boards raised off the ground it was decided that this was a much better way of setting up the circuit. So several 6ft x 4ft boards of chipboard were purchased and the track nailed into place, by arranging these on tables the track proper was in operation.





One of the original circuits set up on the floor of the scout hut. Notice the old style barriers and no borders/run off areas.

Racing was tough in those days




The Mayor of Elmbridge Presents a trophy during the Annual grand Prix England v Belgium.

(Venue Esher Rugby Club)


Sint Niklass Circuit

Taken during the first visit in 1984


It was during the time at the Ellesmere Hospice social club that contact was first made with the Belgium Scalextric club based in Sint Niklass. Again this club had a very strong driving force in Manu Hendrikx, who was much like Brian in many ways. Unfortunately Manu passed on a couple of years back but he will be fondly remembered by all those who meet him and all the club members from Sint Niklass. This contact resulted in the European series starting with the first race being held in Belgium in 1984 and the next race being at Ellesmere.

From the Hospice the club moved to a spare room in the Esher Rugby Club and erected its first permanent circuit. However two years later the rugby club, club house changed hands and we were forced to move out. It was during the time at the Rugby Club that plans were started for purchasing our own premises.Unfortunately this was to take much longer than anticipated. The last race evening at the Rugby Club was the March 2nd 1989, this was before the new permanent home was ready for use.

Brian George and Manu Hendrikx

10 years on - Belgium 1994


While the new clubhouse was being prepared another temporary home was needed for the interim period.

The club needed a temporary home and once again Brian came up trumps and we set up a small circuit at the Elmbridge Leisure centre. The first night of racing was the 12th  March 1989. We managed to strike a deal with the leisure centre giving us free entry to the building for club nights. When the club eventually departed we left a base track behind. New track was to be purchased for the new circuit; this track was obtained direct from Scalextric with the help of Roger Gillham.


Use of the leisure centre allowed the planning issues with regards the new hut to be resolved, much thanks here to Mark Phillips and Roger Gillham who worked to obtain the necessary permissions and agreements.


An AGM was held in the new clubhouse on 15 January 1990 where items such as track layout were discussed and agreed.


The official opening of the new clubhouse was held on the 9 July 1990