Yes -  Cars can run under water

A young spectator looks on and wonders

The Rally cross competition utilised the standard six lane club circuit and special features were added to mimic special rally cross stages. A series of heats, each involving six cars, were run to find those racers that would progress to the next round and eventually the finals. This was a special event run by the club, which required a lot of preparation with the special stages to be slotted into the circuit. In 19## we hit upon the idea of a water splash with the cars having to run through a rather large water splash/ford. Most racers

thought that this would be impossible, believing that the cars would not work under water. This was not the case; a 12v circuit will lose little or no power and the motors can happily run under water. This was a very memorable event. We had no problems with the water splash itself but as the event wore on the water was spread further and further around the circuit. Unfortunately we had another section which had sandpaper stuck to the track surface to give rough terrain. Eventually the sandpaper became damp and started to deteriorate and the sand clogged the cars and caused several problems. Several weeks later we experienced the other problem when the joints between the sections of the club track started to rust and loose electrical contact.


Sadly the water splash never appeared again

 Rally Cross

Molesey Scalextric Club

Rally Cross circuit in

Walchry Motors showroom

Special rally stages including the  Scalextric “Flying Leap” (part number A/269)

Special rally stages replicated by corrugated card etc, refer also to the watersplash on the previous page.

Walchry Rally Cross