From Newsletter August 2002

by Gary Long



MSC Truck Racing - Open


Sunday the 14th July started bright and sunny for what turned out to be a fun days racing. There was a low attendance as the meeting clashed with several other events.
Rather surprisingly it was the trucks with trailers that gave the best racing. The trailers stabilised the trucks, which could be unpredictable on their own.

Nearly all the competitors used Fly Susu trucks with custom-built trailers. The Fly trucks are very well detailed and are surprisingly fast.
The only exception being my highly modified Scalextric six wheel truck with standard low loader trailer (strategically placed magnets held it onto the track and Ninco NC2 supplied the power, this resulted in the truck requiring new braids for each race). I doubt I will be running a modified Scalextric truck at the next event, still someone has to try something different.

The days racing began with two rounds of qualifying heats that all the drivers competed in. The results were then combined to decide who qualified for the semis.

The first sets of heats were for trucks with low loader trailers, which had to carry a standard GT car. The truck and load were used for the first 15 laps of the race, once the first truck crossed the line the power was switched off. The trucks and trailers were removed and the GT car used to complete the 20 laps.

The fastest lap of truck, trailer and load was 12.38 seconds by Steve Davies (no not the snooker player) . This time would be quite respectable in several club classes.

When Brian conceived the event one idea was to incorporate different driving types. This was achieved by changing the format throughout the day.

The second set of heats again involved all the competitors but used cab units alone. This was also held over 20 laps as a straight race to the flag.


Molesey Scalextric Club

The semi finals and final were held over 25 laps and were for trucks with trailer but no load. It was quite a sight to see several units side by side through the corners dicing for position.You had to pick your passing manoeuvre so as not to be collide with the adjacent rig

The final was a very exciting race. Steve Davies was by far the quickest racer on the circuit (This was Steve's first open meeting having only starting club racing a few months ago).

Unfortunately for Steve an early marshalling problem reconnecting his trailer resulted in relegation to the back of the field. He had to pull out all the stops to gain positions and was able to claw his way through the field until he was in distance of catching David Martin. Although a lot of attention was directed at Steve's climb through the field David had to battle on his own to build up and retain the lead. The pressure was telling but David kept his cool to claim first place, well done David a much deserved result (this was David's first success at an open competition). The other finalists had a good race but were unable to stay with the first two. Third place in the final was Simon Wilkins with Brian George taking fourth place.

Well done to all the finalists it was nice to see a mixture of old and new faces and although the final was tense there was not shouting at the marshals a lesson for all here. I would recommend to anyone who has not tried truck racing to give it a go, don't be put off, you never know you may even enjoy yourself.